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Definitions of zodiac zo·di·ac zṓdee àk ] (plural zo·di·acs)

Definition:   1. astrologically significant part of sky: a narrow band in the sky in which the movements of the major planets,
Sun, and Moon take place, astrologically divided into twelve sections
named for the major constellations

2. astrologer’s chart: a chart linking twelve constellations to twelve divisions of the year, used as the astrologer’s main tool for analyzing character and
predicting the future

3. recurring set: a set of things or a sequence of events that repeats itself cyclically (literary )

[14th century. Via French and Latin< Greek zōidiakos kuklos “circle of animal figures” <zōidion “small animal” < zōion (see -zoon)] -zoon SUFFIX Definition: animal,  zooid • EPIZOON, 

[Via modern Latin< Greek zōion “living being, animal” < Indo-European,
to live


March 21 – April 20 One quiet starry night,
Prince Priksos and Princess Here
are leaving their home country
without being noticed by anyone.
They are to head for the land of their future
Korkis on the back of a big golden ram.

April 21 – May 21 Zeus, the lord of gods,
metamorphosed himself into the white bull,
is passing through the wide ocean.
On his back is his beloved Europe,
a beautiful princess of Phoenicia.
The couple is heading for far land of honeymoon.
Europe is certain to live happily there,
wherefore the land is called Europe.

May 22 – June 21 The twins were born under the wings of the Swan, Zeus.
Castor inherited tenderness from their mother.
Pollux inherited immortality from their father.
When Castor was wounded to die in a war,
Pollux cried to Zeus, the Almighty,
” Take away my immortality and let us die together.”
Thus, the twin stars have been twinkling side by side
in the eternal sky.

June 22 – July 22  In the silence of the lake,
Waves lap softly onto the broken legs.
“Sleep in peace at the bottom of the blue Heaven.”
With the merciful voice of Hera, the goddess of gods,
the figure of the big crab goes far up into the sky
to become the stars, shining dimly and deeply.

July 23 -August 23  The Lion, standing in the light of the full moon,
gives all his love to Serene,  the goddess of the moon. With Legurus, the star of courage, on his chest, How can he imagine the tragedy he is fated to ?

August 22 – September 22  Demeter, the goddess of agriculture,
rescued her only daughter Peresphone
who had been abducted by the god of Underworld.
But she was bewitched to stay in Underworld
for four months every year.
When chilly wind takes her away after harvest,
Mother Falls into a deep sorrow.
Thus cold winter comes.
How earnestly we hope spring to come soon !

September 24 – October 23  In the Golden Age, gods and people lived together on the ground. As people got more desire and disobeyed the Divine Providence,
gods retreated altogether back to Heaven. Dike, the maiden goddess of justice, trusting human nature, remained alone on the ground to persuade them.
But no heart would listen to her. So she threw her immortality up into the sky
to change herself into the stars of Scale, Libra, asking eternally what is right and what is wrong.

October 24 – November 22  Gaia, the goddess of the earth, with mother’s love,
ordered Scorpion to kill the sinful mankind, Orion,
who had destroyed the order of the nature.
We, mankind, descendants of Orion,
When will we ever learn
the message of the mother of the earth ?

November 23 – December 21  Chiron, the wise man of Centaurs, draws a bow to the full. The target is the red bright star of wisdom that can be discerned only by the intelligent. He is getting further wisdom to serve for happiness of gods and people.

December 22 – January 20  Pan is the bright and cheerful God of pasture.
He always enjoys playing the pipe made of a reed
and trotting around in the woods with pretty nymphs.
This time, however, he metamorphosed himself into a strange goat
and is swimming in the water.
How do you wonder why he is doing such things ?

January 21 – February 19  Ganymede, a human boy, was blessed with such beauty
that even gods could not stop falling in love.
One day he was taken away somewhere by a majestic eagle.
Time passed, and in Heaven,
gods were fascinated with a young man
who were serving nectar to them at their party.
Thus, Zeus, the lord of gods,
gave him the immortality of god
and he became the stars of a man
who is pouring water of rain toward his home ground.

February 20- March 20  Under a far away galaxy,
in a romance of a fantastic starry night,
You can see
a couple of Fish ─ Aphrodite and Eros,
and a string of ribbon which ties Mama and Son eternally.

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The surface of the moon commands a splendid view of the earth.
The grand globe, with the dazzling blue light glaring, stays perfectly still in the sky of the moon.

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