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This sign represented the king in the Hittite hieroglyphic system, and was sometimes used for fire in the antiquity. The vertical line, 1001b, signifying oneness, unique being, and authority, is combined with 2201 for power and divinity.

The triangle pointing upward, signifying the element of fire during the Middle Ages, with a horizontal line added in it or across it, as in 3901, became the most common sign for the element of air.

The Delta or Triangle – Dianetics

Definition: The word Dianetics comes from the Greek dia, meaning “through” and nous, meaning “soul”, and is defined as “what the soul is doing to the body.”

Dianetics is a methodology which can help alleviate unwanted sensations and emotions, irrational fears and psychosomatic illnesses (illnesses caused or aggravated by mental stress). It is most accurately described as what the soul is doing to the body through the mind.
The Dianetics symbol uses the Greek letter Delta as its basic form. The stripes are green for growth and yellow for life. The four green stripes represent the four
subdivisions of life which are delineated in Dianetics. [self, family,
groups, species]

Definition:  Delta:  n. The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. An object shaped like a triangle. A usually triangular alluvial deposit at the mouth of a river. A
similar deposit at the mouth of a tidal inlet, caused by tidal currents.Mathematics. A finite increment in a variable.[Middle English, from Latin, from Greek, of Phoenician origin.]

TRIANGLE’S: Scientology – The Two Triangles under the “S”
definition: Scientology – The Study of Wisdom – Scien = Scio from Greek TO KNOW

Scientology follows a long tradition of religious practice. Its roots lie in the
deepest beliefs and aspirations of all great religions, thus
encompassing a religious heritage as old and as varied as man himself.

Though drawing upon the wisdom of some 50,000 years, Scientology is a new
religion, one which has isolated fundamental laws of life and, for the
first time, developed a workable technology that can be applied to help
one achieve a happier and more spiritual existence. Scientology is
therefore something one does, not merely something one believes in – an important point which will be greatly clarified as you read on.

That Scientology’s development and rapid promulgation was made possible, in
part, by advances in the physical sciences through the first half of
the twentieth century is significant. Scientology constitutes man’s
first real application of scientific methodology to spiritual questions.

The “S” stands for Scientology.The lower triangle is called the ARC
triangle (pronounced by the letters A, R, C); A for affinity, R for
reality and C for communication.

These three interdependent factors combined add up to Understanding and are expressed as a
triangle. ARC is a fundamental principle of the Scientology
religion.The first corner of the triangle is affinity, which is the
degree of liking or affection for someone or something. Reality is the
second corner and is, fundamentally, agreement. The third corner is
communication, defined as the interchange of ideas between two people.

All three of these elements are interrelated. Without a degree of liking
and some basis of agreement there is no communication. Without
communication and some basis of affinity, or emotional response, there
can be no reality. Without some basis for agreement and communication,
there can be no affinity. And when one corner of this triangle is
improved, the other two corners are likewise improved.The upper
triangle is the “KRC” triangle.

The points are K for knowledge, R for responsibility and C for control. Like the points of the ARC
triangle, these three elements are interrelated. When one corner of the
KRC triangle is raised, the other two also rise.
This symbol first appeared in 1952.
Author:  L. Ron Hubbard

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