Hindu Symbols

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Source:This Gallery includes 38 symbols (please note that there other are variations also) Hindu Symbols

These are the links to the pictures above all on About.com:

Om or Aum
Vata or Banyan Tree
Tripundra or Three Stripes & Bindi
Nataraja or Dancing Shiva
Mayil or Mayur (Peacock)
Nandi, Shiva’s Vehicle
Bilva or Bael Tree
Padma or Lotus
Mahakala or ‘Great Time’
Ankusa or Ganesha’s Goad
The Anjali Gesture
‘Go’ or Cow
The Mankolam Design
‘Shatkona’ or Six-pointed Star
Musika or Mouse
‘Konrai’ Blossoms
The ‘Homakunda’ or Fire Altar
The ‘Ghanta’ or Bell
The ‘Gopura’ or ‘Gopuram’ (Temple Gateways)
The ‘Kalasha’ or Scared Pot
The ‘Kuttuvilaku’ or Standing Oil Lamp
The ‘Kamandalu’ or Water Vessel
The ‘Tiruvadi’ or Sacred Sandals
The ‘Trikona’ or Triangle
The ‘Seval’ or Red Rooster
The Rudraksha Seed
‘Chandra-Surya’ – The Moon & Sun
The ‘Vel’ or Holy Lance
The ‘Trishula’ or Trident
The ‘Naga’ or Cobra
‘Dhwaja’ or Flag
‘Kalachakra’ or Wheel of Time
The Sivalinga
The ‘Modaka’ Sweet
The ‘Pasha’ or Noose
The ‘Hamsa’ or Goose





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